Priority Areas

Much of Healthy Christchurch's focus for the last few years has been on the recovery of Christchurch.
This has involved collaboration with other key agencies to provide support and advice to policy and planning processes, support community resilience initiatives, and ensuring a sustainable and accessible information portal for recovery practice and strategies.

The three Strategic Goals of Healthy Christchurch

  1. Support for a Health in all Policies (HiaP) approach to the recovery and rebuild of greater Christchurch
  2. Building and sustaining capacity
  3. Acting as an information conduit

Six priority areas arise from these three strategic goals:

  • Canterbury Health in all Policies: working with health sector and non-health sector representatives to seek common outcomes for the people of Canterbury.
  • Alcohol: Working with others to support alcohol minimisation initiatives.
  • Housing: Contributing to initiatives addressing housing and homelessness.
  • Wellbeing and Community resilience: Initiating and supporting community initiatives on community resilience including:
    1. Warmer Canterbury: Coordinating and planning of winter response activities
    2. Wellbeing: Contributing with others to support the development of public health wellbeing (e.g. The Wellbeing Game, River of Flowers and All Right? Wellbeing Campaign)
    3. Urban Planning: Supporting planning for a Healthy City including healthy urban design, and promoting the Integrated Recovery Planning Guide.
  • Capacity Building: Active engagement with signatories, champions and the advisory group.
  • Information: Providing a sustainable and accessible information portal for recovery activities.