Urban Design

How can we plan a healthy Christchurch for all, using the tools of urban design?

Health Christchurch's focus is supporting planning for a healthy city including healthy urban design.

Urban design is the art and science of making places for all people. It includes the way places work as well as how they look.

Urban design concerns the connections between people and places, movement and urban form, open spaces, green spaces and buildings. Good urban design uses inclusive processes to create successful neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

Urban design is important in promoting healthy communities, and creating environmentally sustainable developments that support economic life and social integration.

Find out how urban design impacts everyone.

Toward an Accessible and Inclusive Christchurch

Why is access important to us all?  What is the vision that Christchurch could achieve? What can you do?

The Canterbury DHB worked with the Earthquake Disability Leadership Group to explore these questions and get people’s attention.

Cartoonist Brendon Wright used his creativity to develop a short video. This video is available for free and can to be shown to anyone with an interest in making Christchurch a better place for people of all ages and abilities.

View the Accessible Christchurch video with subtitles.

View the presentations from the Christchurch Active Design Symposium 2013.