Capacity Building

This work involves actively engaging with the signatories, advisory group and Champions to share information and plan joint activities.

Waka Toa Ora achieves this by facilitating the following:

  • Lunchtime seminars; and
  • Signatories' Hui.

View the latest notices from Waka Toa Ora on upcoming events.

Broadly Speaking: training on the determinants of health

Broadly Speaking is a course on the determinants of health. The programme will lead you through a series of workshop-based discussions and activities. Work with others from across the wider health sector, local government and communities to unpack the complexities of ill-health in our population.

The Broadly Speaking Programme is designed to encourage collaborative action by inspiring you to broaden the role that you play in advocating for improved population health outcomes.

You will also identify potential opportunities and partners as you plan next steps for positively influencing community wellbeing. Lots of organisations have a role to play in ensuring a healthy population.

This FREE course is facilitated by Community and Public Health over two half-day sessions. Participants are required to attend both sessions.

The course is open to anyone working in the wider Canterbury or West Coast health system.

Contact Chantal Lauzon at Te Mana Ora | Community and Public Health for information on upcoming Broadly Speaking programmes (chantal.lauzon[at]